“Intro-what??” A teen said to me. 

“Introspect Psychological” I said… and as I did I found that name sounding old, not really representing what I do anymore.

I chose the name “Introspect Psychological” back in grad school. At the time we were into Jungian Psychology and big on introspection… While Krister and I still very much love depth psychology we have grown to love and incorporate a “here and now” approach looking at emotions and body sensations as they are experienced in the current moment. 

We know that a majority of change in therapy is due to the correct “fit” between psychologist and client, we have trained in a variety of modalities and use a client-centred approach to determine what would be best for each individual. 

Our aim is that your counselling experience with us leaves you feeling refreshed, ready and hopeful in facing the next challenges. We do go deep, we do look to gain greater insight and understanding and we also keep it light at times

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